Millard Uy

Doktorand (mitbetreut von B. Gehrke)


Revision, molekulare Phylogenie und Biogeographie von Carex subgenus Vigneastra section Indicae (Cyperaceae), mit einer aktualisierten Synopse von Carex auf den Philippinen


Taxonomische Revision, molekulare Phylogenie und Systematik, Carex subg. Vigneastra, Carex section Indicae.


Tan MA, Panghulan GFM, Uy MM, Takayama H. 2014. Chemical Constituents from Psychotria cadigensis and their chemotaxonomic relevance. American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products 1 (4): 18-19.

Uy MM, Alejandro GJD. 2012. Conservation status and nrITS-supported classification of the Philippine endemic genus Greeniopsis Merr. (Rubiaceae). Asia Life Sciences 21(2): 441-454.

Alejandro GJD, Balete IKC, Caagbay JFC, Cruz JMMB, Narciso CJC, Nazareno DE, Banag CI, Uy MM. 2011. Polyphyly of Bikkia Reinw. (Rubiaceae) based on multi-locus sequence analysis (ITS, rps16, trnL-F), with emphasis on the endemic Bikkia philippinensis Val., including its conservation status. Acta Manilana 59: 49–55.

Alejandro GJD, Meve U, Uy MM, Mouly A, Thiv M, Liede-Schumann S. 2010. Molecular support of the classification of Greeniopsis Merr. in Aleisanthieae (Rubiaceae), with a revision of the genus. Taxon 59(5): 1547-1564.


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