Armin G. Fabritzek

Doktorand | AG J.W. Kadereit


Hybridartbildung in Sempervivum


Evolution, Hybridartbildung, Nischenmodellierung, Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS), Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS)


Fabritzek A. G. & Kadereit J. W. 2018: Identity and relationships of Sempervivum tectorum (Crassulaceae) in the Rhine Gorge area. – Willdenowia 48: 405–414.

Heat challenges can enhance population tolerance to thermal stress in mussels: A potential mechanism by which ship transport can increase species invasiveness Lenz, M. et al. Biol Invasions (2018).

Johannesen J, Fabritzek AG, Ebner B, Bikar S. (2017) Characterisation of microsatellite and SNP markers from Miseq and genotyping-by-sequencing data among parapatric Urophora cardui (Tephritidae) populations. PeerJ 5:e3582

Wendling CC, Fabritzek AG, and Wegner KM. Population- specific genotype x genotype x environment interactions in bacterial disease of early life stages of Pacific oyster larvae. Evol Appl. 2017;00:1–10.


Armin Fabritzek, Yasser Ahmed, Dr. Neviaty Putri Zamani, Dr. Karen von Juterzenka, Dr. Mark Lenz (2013): Hitchhiker’s Way to Robustness: Can heat stress during a simulated ship transport or simulated extreme heat in natural aquaculture ponds increase the robustness of the shrimp Penaeus vannamei? Proceedings of International Conference on Marine Sciences 2013 "Marine Biodiversity and Connectivity for Sustainable Fisheries" (4.-6.06.2013), IPB, Bogor, Indonesia


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