Dr. Christian Uhink

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Kadereit JW, Repplinger M, Schmalz N, Uhink CH, Wörz A (2008) The phylogeny and biogeography of Apiaceae subf. Saniculoideae tribe Saniculeae: from south to north and south again. Taxon 57: 365-382

Kadereit JW, Licht W, Uhink CH (2008) Asian relationships of the flora of the European Alps. Plant Ecology & Diversity 1: 171-179

Zhang ML, Uhink CH, Kadereit JW (2007) Phylogeny and Biogeography of Epimedium/Vancouveria (Berberidaceae): Western North American - East Asian Disjunctions, the Origin of European Mountain Plant Taxa, and East Asian Species Diversity. Systematic Botany 32: 81-92


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